Peering Agreement


1. Free Transit:

  • The owner agrees to provide free transit accross their free network.
  • The owner agrees not to modify or interfere with data as it passes through their free network.

2. Open Communication:

  • The owner agrees to publish the information necessary for peering to take place
  • This information shall be published under a free licence
  • The owner agrees to be contactable and will provide at least an email adress

3. No Warranty:

  • There is no guaranteed level of service
  • The service is provided “as is”, with no warranty or liability of whatsoever kind
  • The service can be scaled back or withdrawn at any time with no notice

4. Terms of Use:

  • The owner is entitled to formulate an ‘acceptable use policy’
  • This may or may not contain information about additional services provided (apart from basic access)
  • The owner is free to formulate this policy as long as it does not contradict points 1 to 3 of this agreement (see point 5)

5. Local Amendments:

  • (to be filled in ad-hoc by the node owner as this document is implemented)

Definition of terms

  • Owner: The owner of the node has the right to operate their network equipment and to donate any part of its functionality to the FreeNetwork
  • Transit: Transit is the exchange of data into, out of or across a network
  • Free Transit: Free transit means that the owner will neither charge for the transit of data nor modify the data
  • Free Network: The Free Network is the sum of interconnected hardware and software resources, whose FreeTransit has been donated by the owners of those resources
  • The Service: The Service is made up of Free transit and Additional Services
  • Additional Services: In terms of the PPA, an additional service is anything over and above Free Transit. For example, provision of a DHCP server, a web server or a mail server

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