What is freefi.meshnet?

FreeFi is a mesh of wifi routers all connected together, some with internet access. The mesh as a whole has internet access via gateway nodes provided by some of its users. The Mesh Provides Free WiFi access for both its users and non users.

The FreeFi Network will also be an alternative form of internet and it is hoped that it will provide local services with in the mesh.

Technical Details.

Mesh SSID = “olsr.freefi.meshnet” : Pref 5Ghz (At the moment running on 2.4Ghz Channel 1)
WiFi SSID = “openwifi.freefi.meshnet” : Pref 2.4Ghz

The plan will also to have reginal open Wifi SSIDs such as “openwifi.notts.freefi.meshnet” (no more than 32 Chars!!!!!). While the main olsr domain will stay the same across the entire Mesh.

IP Division:
Client Access devices (adhoc mode)    :             –
Mesh Nodes                                            :       –
Mesh Gateway Nodes                           : –

Over all subnet is , but this will be broken down in to (62 Addresses) and (8 Addresses)

Supported Routers.
All Routers that can have the DD-WRT Firmware on with the OLSR Routing protocol. However those with the Broadcom chip set are recommened. IE Asus, Linksys, Buffalo.

 Images Of Stuff..


Please Note: This is an OpenSource, Community driven project, and is not for profit! However Donations are welcomed in the forms of Routers, Network Equipment, roof space, people, and if you want, money.

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