DNS Fail Over

What is DNS Fail Over?

Basically DNS or Domain Naming System, is the basis for the entire internet working, it allows us humans to simply type in to a web browser www.mysite.com and let the computers convert this to complex numbers and produce the right website you are looking for, with out DNS you would have to remember numbers like etc and there’s a different set of numbers for every website out there (excluding shared hosting).

DNS Fail Over allows for multiple servers on the internet to know about a website or web service, so if one DNS server goes down then the other servers will still point you in the right direction to access the website.

Why would I want to replicate my DNS Records?

If you are the owner of a website or hosted service provider, then you would want DNS Fail Over for all the services you have, for example, if your an email provider and your DNS server went down then non of your clients would be able to email, and non of there clients would be able to email them, but if you had DNS Fail Over, then if one of your DNS Servers went down then our DNS servers would take over correctly pointing both your clients and your clients clients to the correct email server to collect there email.

How I can help…

I can help you maintain your DNS services uptime even if your main DNS servers go off line, you would simply add my DNS Servers to your Domain and trust them to replicate a copy of your services IP addresses to mine, once complete if your DNS servers go off line then mine will take over and correctly point your clients to the correct IP addresses or services…

What’s the cost…?

I charge a monthly fee of £10 to keep a replicated and updated copy of all your DNS entries on my servers, giving you peace of mind that should your DNS fail mine will kick in and take over.

Please feel free to email me below for details : dnsfailover@phillipcooper.co.uk

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