VyOS/Vyatta GRE Encrypted Tunnels

Setting up an Encrypted GRE Tunnel between 2 sites.

Set up the IPSEC stuff first.

edit vpn ipsec site-to-site peer <>
set authentication mode pre-shared-secret
set authentication pre-shared-secret dflkgajdksdlgkltijwlelsdngslk
set connection-type initiate
set ike-group IKE-GRE
set local-address <>
set tunnel 0 allow-nat-networks disable
set tunnel 0 allow-public-networks disable
set tunnel 0 esp-group ESP-GRE
set tunnel 0 local prefix <>/32
set tunnel 0 remote prefix <>/32
commit; save

Setting up the tunnel interface

edit interfaces tunnel tun0
set address
set encapsulation gre
set local-ip <>
set remote-ip <>
commit; save

Setting up static Routes over the tunnel as required.

set protocols static route next-hop
commit; save

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