Programming a Baofeng UV-5R for UK PMR446 channels.

boafeng uv5rDisclaimer: Use of this type of radio to transmit on PMR446 is probably illegal in your country, this post is made for educational and end of world zombie apocalypse use only. Per UK regulation, maximum power is 500 mW ERP and equipment must be used on a mobile basis, that is unmodified handhelds that are Type-Approved for use on PMR446.

Analogue PMR uses eight FM channels separated by 12.5 kHz from each other.

Here are the frequencies of the 8 basic UK PMR446 channels.

1 – 446.00625
2 – 446.01875
3 – 446.03125
4 – 446.04375
5 – 446.05625
6 – 446.06875
7 – 446.08125
8 – 446.09375

Nice feature of the Baofeng UV5R family is that they support 6.25kHz tuning steps. That fact makes it possible to dial in the radio to use the exact PMR446 channel frequencies rather than a ‘nearest fit’ which is the case in many other transceivers.

Programming the radio looks complicated written down but the steps are quite simple.

So assuming that we want to place the PMR446 channels into the Baofeng’s memory slots 1 to 8…

1) Turn on the Radio.

2) Cycle the V/M button until the radio is in “Frequency Mode”.

3) Press ‘Menu’ followed by 1, to bring up the ‘Step’ setting. Press ‘Menu ‘again and use the up/down arrows to select 6.25K steps. Press menu again to confirm setting, then ‘Exit’ button.

4) Ensure settings menu for 10,11,12,13 are set to OFF. These are the receive/transmit ctcss and dcs tone settings, as we a setting the basic channels we need no squelch tones.

5) Cycle the A/B button until the upper row A of the frequency display is selected (little arrow indicates which).

6) Enter the desired frequency with the numbers pad e.g 4,4,6,0,0,6. The display WILL not display entirely what you press at first… don’t panic, it will display 446.000. Now press the UP arrow and the Frequency display will now step to 444.00625 (with the 25 being a smaller suffix to the larger readout).

That is channel 1 frequency programmed and read for use. To save that to a memory channel then…

7) Press “MENU” ,”27″, “MENU” again and then use the UP/DOWN arrows to select the desired memory slot (For me this would be channel 1). Press “Menu” a final time to confirm.

PMR446 should now be programmed into memory slot 1 of the radio.

To check/use, cycle the V/M button into channel mode. Use the UP/DOWN arrow to select channel 1.

Repeat the above steps and to program in the other 7 channels into their own memory slots. Remember only need to press the up arrow twice to step up to next desired channel frequency each time.

Same procedure to program any simplex frequency into these radios.

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