Setting up Fax to Email in Trixbox

Followed instructions on with slightly modified settings. I am putting copying and pasting with my modifications in bold for Trixbox (actually there is just one change :) )

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To configure Asterisk to listen for faxes on an inbound route, go to the Inbound Routes page, pick any route on which you want to listen for incoming faxes as well as voice calls (so you can pick on a DID-by-DID basis whether or not to listen for incoming faxes), and configure the fax handling as follows:

Fax Extension: default (there is no FreePBX Default in the new version)
Fax Email:
Fax Detection Type: NVFax
Pause After Answer: 6

This 6-second pause is the length of time NVFax will sit and play ringback to the caller while listening for the ~0.5-second 1,100 Hz fax CNG tone that calling fax machines make about every 3.5 seconds; 6 seconds is the length of the North American ring cycle (2 seconds on, 4 seconds off), so this will just sound like one more ring to callers. So, even though your Asterisk box will have already answered and is listening for a fax machine, they won’t know that. Also, leaving the window this big is sure to catch them all.

Okay, back on track now: save your changes to the inbound route, then go to the General Settings page and set up the “Fax Machine” settings as follows:

Extension of fax machine for receiving faxes: system

Then, obviously, set the “Email address to have faxes emailed to” to whatever email address you want the fax PDF’s to go to.

Don’t forget to properly set the value for the “Email address that faxes appear to come from”; use a real email address such as your own, in case any messages bounce, among other reasons.

Then save your changes on the General Settings page

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I did everything till this part and it STILL did not work! Next step I found out on another website

and the important info I am copying and pasting here

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In your “/etc/asterisk/extensions.conf” file find section “[macro-faxreceive]”
find if you have line with text like this: “; exten => s,3,rxfax(${FAXFILE})”
change “rxfax” to “ReceiveFAX”
save/update file and reload asterisk

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Hope this helps someone out!

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