Snapshots of FreeBSD 8.2 based m0n0wall available

Development is currently being done on a FreeBSD 8.2 based version of m0n0wall that brings
better support for current hardware (especially new WLAN and Ethernet controllers), as well
as massive improvements to the IPv6 support.

  • Snapshots

    Snapshots are built whenever there is a commit to the repository.
    The version number format is 1.8.0bXXX, where XXX = revision of the repository that the image was built from.

  • Change log (see also commit log below)
  • Discussion forum

Remember that snapshots/betas may contain serious bugs and are not intended for use in sensitive production environments.
128 MB RAM or more are required (systems with 64 MB will not work reliably with the new version anymore).

Other important points:

  • the “embedded” image is gone; generic-pc-serial should now be used for PC Engines and Soekris boards
  • console speed for serial images is fixed to 9600 baud (no longer tries to use BIOS preset value)
  • images cannot be uploaded directly to current 1.33 installations because the MFS that they allocate
    for firmware uploads is too small (only 10 MB). You can work around this by running the following commands
    via /exec.php after you’ve clicked the “Enable firmware upload” button:

    				umount /ftmp
    				/sbin/mdmfs -s 16m md1 /ftmp

    If you are upgrading an embedded installation, rename the generic-pc-serial image to ’embedded’ before uploading it.

  • WLAN configuration has moved to the Interfaces: Assign page to allow for multiple SSIDs per card on
    cards that support it. First add a new WLAN using the “WLANs” tab, then assign it to an (optional) interface using the
    “Interface assignments” tab.
  • Snapshot images are not digitally signed at this time

The last 5 commits to the beta branch:

Article source:

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