Simple inexpensive home VoIP System with AskoziaPBX…

I thought i would share with you what i use as my home voip system, i have no big requirements for my telephone system just to be able to dial out, get calls in and if im not at home for calls to be routed to my mobile or voicemail and emailed to me.

My Solution… AskoziaPBX.

So what is AskoziaPBX, well heres what there site says about it:-

Askozia provides a highly intuitive telephone system for businesses. This is accomplished by combining our popular software AskoziaPBX with standard PC hardware or numerous embedded platforms. AskoziaPBX is incredibly easy to use, supports VoIP, ISDN, analog and GSM, is multilingual and costs less than a single VoIP phone.

AskoziaPBX is based on asterisk the number 1 open source telephony solution, i have coupled this with YeaLink Phones and an IAX Trunk VoIP provider, and all of my calls are delivered to this PBX and then to my phones.


My budget was low so i only have 5 Yealink T22 and 1 Snom 320 phone in all the normal places Living room, bedrooms, my geek room etc… all of this is run over a simple Virgin media line and sorts my needs out very well indeed.


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