Passwords….. Website Security…..

Ok i like to use strong passwords for applications, computers, routers etc, however im afriad that i appear to be alone inthat.

I was asked to look at a website and see if i could do any damage to it, de-face it, bring it down etc just some simple things to illustrate if the website was ok, so the first thing i did was viewed the source to see what web application or CMS (Content Management System) they where using, i then looked up the software on the internet and had a look at the installation documentation looking for the admin section.

I found the admin section and tried the default user name and passwords, next i tried admin and the company name, and to my horror it logged me straight in and i was able to access and change everything on the site….

I quickly stopped trying to damage there site to trying to protect there site, i changed the admin password to something strong using a little online tool StrongPasswordGenerator, this online resource generates a password of any lenght and complexity.

You can check how complex your passwords are on the following two on-line resources Password checker by Microsoft, andPasswordMeter.

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